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The Power of the net & and Blogging

I am on my back deck in Canada yet I can follow a journey around India! …………. all thanks to Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in 1962 and a 2011 blog by our UWO 2nd yr nursing niece Julia, who is part of the UWO India Health Initiative Team!

It was around 1962 when Joe Licklider envisioned a globally interconnected set of computers through which everyone could quickly access data and programs from any site………
And today, because of a vision, because of moving forward, because of technology I can follow a blog about a team of UWO Students who are actually IN India with the India Health Initiative Team making a difference in the lives of the under-privileged while I site on my back deck surrounded by privilege that I am not ashamed to admit I take for granite………until I am reminded not to………
Our niece, is second year nursing at UWO, and this summer she is part of IHI – India Health Imitative.
India Health Initiative
IHI is future health care professionals who are sponsored to go into India to work with non-government organizations (NGO’s) to make differences in the lives of the under-privileged.
The mission of IHI is to provide medical and social services to the people of India and to model well rounded, culturally sensitive health care professionals for the future.
Each year IHI sends a team of 3-5 medical, dentistry, nursing, and occupational therapy students to various sites in India with two chief mandates: Education and service.
IHI aims to encourage the education of well-rounded health care professionals for the future by providing opportunities for the development of clinical, research, teaching and communication skills in various cultural and socio-economic settings, and by exposing students to complex public health issues, the healthcare systems and the ailments experienced by the inhabitants of an extremely diverse and developing country.
IHI tries to contribute to healthcare and health promotion in India by assisting the efforts of organizations working in this field and it’s done by:
• Developing and fostering relationships and projects with key individuals and organizations
• Developing and gathering educational materials
• Collecting medical supplies, equipment and monetary donations for these organizations, and
• Increasing awareness of India’s culture and the problems faced by its people at the University of Western Ontario and the local Canadian community.
So here I am on my back deck, on line, following along with the IHI blog (again thanks to Joe Licklider and the IHI blog.) I read that it’s REALLY hot in India AND it looks really hot there, so I check the net (again thanks to Joe Licklider) and in India it’s about 98 f with no breeze and a humidly feeling like it’s well over 120 f! Yep, it’s hot! I look over at our barometer I can see it’s about 73 f and I can feel a slight breeze that tells me in no uncertain terms am I allowed to say today OR all summer “It’s too hot”. I try to remember if I have ever been heat over 100? Probably not, but probably complained like it was………..I’m kinda wimpy like that…..
I follow along in the IHI blog – “Contributions from IHI on behalf of all our friends back home. This year IHI contributed $5,000 CAD towards the various areas of FFC (Families For Children). Some of the key items include physiotherapy equipment (walkers, medicine balls, standing chairs, CP chair, balance boards, knee braces), stainless steel baby crib platform, feeding chairs, rexin sheets, insect control, school gates, writing desks. The remainder of the money will be directed towards the new boys vocational-training building for boys with special needs, and community members at large”.
As I read the blog, I stop and I listen, because I know I can hear our neighbours kids, riding their electric Barbie Porches up and down the sidewalk squealing in delight at their freedom and seeing who can go faster and who got to the driveway faster ……. wow what a contrast between here and there…………. yet when you look at the photos you can see smiles and fun and excitement………..and I read about the physiotherapy equipment and it brings my mind to Thursday, when I went for physio therapy and how I simply walk into the state of the art facility and work with my 2 therapists and how I can come home and continue my progress using my own equipment that I simply felt I needed, wanted and bought……………. BUT trust me, when I go back on Tuesday I will surely walk into that room look around and feel such gratitude…….