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What’s New with Power Flower Web Design – Kendell Hall

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile since I last did a newsletter or blogged etc! Between Designing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram  Pinterest, and that thing called life there seems to be less time at the end of the day! But I miss communicating with all of you so here I am saying HELLO!! and wishing you all a great coming week, month, etc!

Voting! – I have already gone on-line and voted and hope you are able to do the same!
Website Launches – I have 6 new ones on the go presently so look for updates soon on when you can check out the new sites!
In The Community – I stayed on as Chairperson for an extra year for the London Chamber of Commerce Special Events & Networking Committee and have now transitioned into co-chair of Business After 5:00 as well as being on the Marketing & Communications Committee as well as being in the Networking Group the Business Accelerators!
Chamber of Commerce Biz After 5:00 Networking – If you ever want to come as my guest just let me know!
Canada Revenue – Red Tape Reduction Round table Consultant Session – was held on Oct 15th and I was thrilled to be part of being the voice of small business! “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”
Social Media – Yep it’s a pain HaaaHaaaHaaaa –  but it’s important, let me know how I can help you!
Branding- Are you well branded? Logo? Colours? Continuity? – If you’re questioning this part of your business let me know how I can help you!
FYI – Kendell – I have had an amazing fun year!
Running – You may not know that I run, I’m as slow as a turtle and my favorite run is 5K (the A.D.D in me gets bored really fast, HaaHaaHaaa) I have been sidelined by a Hamstring injury and have definitely learned a thing or 2 about running, injuries, healing, eating right ! I’m being taken care of by the Fowler Kennedy Clinic so I’m in good hands!
Races – so far 5 this year and hoping for more! It’s about me beating MY time, I’m not competing against anybody else…
Cycling – I love love love riding my bike! On a great week it’s almost 100K! and if we keep getting sunny skies and decent wether I will bike till I have ice falling off my nose!  HaaaHaaaHaaaa London has an incredible bike path and Ontario has incredible rail trails!
Family remember I am the youngest of 9 sooo at any given time it’s pretty busy! So where do I start! My nephew and his family came from out west this summer! it was incredible! My 2 great nephews are 3 and 6 and  were such and delight, we hit the beach, we hung out we hit Storybook Gardens and we miss them so much! We went to our other great nephews (I have many of them) Lacrosse tournament out of town and had a blast,  we went to our great nieces (we have many of them) Soccer games and I could go on and on because every single week-end is full of family “fun stuff” I’m soooo lucky so blessed!
My office was in the hospital for a week – 1 year ago this month I was in having my Gallbladder taken out….it was too far gone to be saved….. I was told over a year earlier my issues were “probably just an ulcer” after a trip to emerg, second trip to emerg and the news….it’s your gallbladder…..we’ll call you with your appointment date to have it out……….3rd trip to emerg, 3 days in the UH  and still sent home… time to fit my operation in……soooo trip #4 =  a Gallbladder ready to explode due to being full of sludge seeping out the top and bottom, Pancreatitus and now being Jaundice will land you in the hospital for a week with a few operations, LOL! But with enough of the good drugs and my laptop I was able to work work work with the most gorgeous view over the city of London and all the glorious trees in fall colour blooms! Not bad I must say!
Got any questions for me? Feel free to contact me anytime, I’m always here for you!